Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

2023 Summer Workshops

Garrard Conley Multi-Genre Memoir July 12 to July 17, 2020 Tuition: $650 Workshop: 9am-12pm Discipline: Nonfiction/Memoir OPEN TO ALL On-site Housing Available

This workshop is part of SOCIAL JUSTICE WEEK

Some memoirists borrow from other genres. Some write from a surprising perspective, in multiple tenses, even into another genre or multiple genres. This class will explore, through various memoir excerpts, the ways in which writers have experimented with memoir. We will also explore, through poetry and fiction, commonplace techniques memoirists use to enrich narrative nonfiction. We will discuss how order and narrative distance can be adjusted to produce stronger sentences and deeper insight into the human condition. This class will be a combination of generative exercises, discussion, and traditional workshops. Most important, this workshop is designed to inspire us to have fun with our prose.


Garrard Conley is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir Boy Erased, which has been translated in over a dozen languages and is now a major motion picture. Conley is also a creator and producer of the podcast UnErased, which explores the history of conversion therapy in America. His work can be found in the New York Times, TIME, VICE, CNN, BuzzFeed, Them, Virginia Quarterly Review, and The Huffington Post.