Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

2023 Summer Workshops

Deborah Miranda Summoning Creative Power: A Memoir Workshop July 8 to July 13, 2018 Tuition: $600 Workshop: 9am-Noon Discipline: Nonfiction/Memoir OPEN TO ALL On-site Housing Available

This workshop is part of Creative Nonfiction Week.

A generative workshop open to all – including beginning writers and writers just starting their memoir project. Thich Nhat Hanh says that the work of meditation is to transform “compost into flowers.” In my experience, that is also the work of memoir. This workshop will help you to re-vision your lived experience as a form of poetic compost. Through a wide variety of in-class writing exercises, reading and discussing sample texts, this generative workshop is structured to inspire as well as provide you with new tools to continue the work on your own afterwards. Please bring an image of a relative/Ancestor (photo, painting/drawing), a blank notebook, and your favorite writing tools.


Deborah A. Miranda's mixed-genre book Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir (Heyday 2013), received the 2015 PEN-Oakland Josephine Miles Literary Award. The author of three poetry collections, Indian Cartography, The Zen of La Liorona and Raised by Humans, Miranda is a member of Sandra Cisneros’ Macondo workshop. She is the Thomas H. Broadus Professor of English at Washington and Lee University, where she teaches literature and creative writing.