Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

2023 Summer Workshops

Mark Adams Cape Cod Landscapes: From the Field to the Studio June 16 to June 21, 2019 Tuition: $650 Workshop: 9am-12pm Discipline: Painting OPEN TO ALL On-site Housing Available

Two of Provincetown’s favorite artists join us as faculty for a weeklong workshop devoted to drawing and painting the Cape Cod landscape. Mark Adams teaches drawing on Monday & Tuesday; Pete Hocking teaches painting on Wednesday & Thursday. Friday brings both faculty together for a collaborative teaching day. Includes mid-week conversation with Adams & Hocking on the Art of the Landscape.

Monday, Tuesday & Friday: Mark Adams
Cape Cod landscapes are loaded with character and subjective qualities that invite depiction, an ocean margin that is a setting for epics from the personal to the global. My approach to landscape is informed by observation of nature — guided by how the view came to be. The view is a product of ecology and forces: underlying geology, weather and relationships of plant habitats, the niches that make habitat for people and wildlife. No science is required however, we will look and construct these stories ourselves — each drawing is our own explanation of a moment in a place, that includes us, the viewer. The skills of the painter are secondary to the investigation and composition of your landscape story. In the first part of the week we will write and draw thumbnails, compose with value studies and create deceptively simple watercolor landscapes with an economy of detail, making each place your own for a moment. In an initial studio session, we’ll share basic portable methods, accessible to beginners and the experienced. No prior experience is necessary — we expect a mix of skill levels from beginners onward. Your aspiration is the only requirement.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: Pete Hocking
Richard Diebenkorn once said that every painting starts with a feeling. In my view feeling comes from the totality of our experience of a place or thing — fieldwork research, memory and a full range of sensory experience. Direct, spontaneous picture making (painting, drawing, photography) allows a painter to capture something ephemeral and unexpected, and slower work in the studio provides space for considered composition. Building on the two days of field work done with Mark Adams at the beginning of the week, this facet of the workshop will consider composition as we build several larger works in the studio. For those wishing to continue to work directly from the landscape, there are ample opportunities to continue to build plein air works in proximity to the FAWC campus.


Mark Adams has been a cartographer with the National Park Service for over 25 years and a painter showing at the Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown. He has also exhibited photography, scientific illustration and video art. He has traveled with a sketchbook in Asia, Central America and Europe and has recently illustrated and co-authored a geologic primer, Coastal Landforms of Cape Cod with geologists from the Center for Coastal Studies and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.