Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

2023 Summer Workshops

Robin Hemley The Meaning of Everywhere: Travels in Memory and Your Backyard June 28 to July 3, 2020 Tuition: $650 Workshop: 9am-12pm Discipline: Nonfiction/Memoir OPEN TO ALL On-site Housing Available

This workshop is part of MEMOIR & CREATIVE NONFICTION WEEK

The course will be a generative workshop exploring how we write about place and why. We will explore the places in memory that we keep returning to, journeys around our own rooms and backyards, being an insider in a place versus being on outsider, and fragmentary travel essays known as lapidaries. We will look at the works of several unique travel essayists and explore strategies for writing your own such essays.


Robin Hemley is the author of fourteen books, including most recently Borderline Citizen: Dispatches from the Outskirts of Nationhood, of which Jeff Sharlet writes: Quite possibly the most original travel book in years.” Hemley is the former director of the nonfiction writing program at the University of Iowa, a graduate of The Iowa Writers Workshop, and a former Fine Arts Work Center Fellow.