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Kimberly Burwick Mythological Gravity in Poetry: Spring Poetry May 14 to June 8, 2018 Tuition: $500 Class Size: 15 Session: spring Level: 4 week asynchronous workshop

Interested in mythology and folktales? In this generative workshop we’ll take a close look at how oral legends can make their way into contemporary poems in profound and exciting ways. Drawing on poets such as H.D., Sherwin Bitsui, Linda Gregg, Jack Gilbert, Alicia Ostriker, Lucille Clifton, Ted Hughes and others, we will use multiple writing prompts as a way of exposing you to international myths, new modes of image-making and figurative language. Students will each receive an email at the end of the class, outlining strengths in your work and offering ideas for moving forward.


Kimberly Burwick was born and raised in Massachusetts. Burwick earned her BA in literature from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and her MFA in poetry from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is the author of four collections of poetry: Has No Kinsmen (Red Hen Press, 2006), Horses in the Cathedral, winner of the Robert Dana Prize (Anhinga Press, 2011), Good Night Brother, winner of the Burnside Review Prize, (Burnside Review Press, 2014) and Custody of the Eyes (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2017).  She is currently Clinical Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Washington State University.