Fine Arts Work Center In Provincetown

2024 Summer Workshops

Kimiko Hahn From Title to Closure: Practical & Magical Vision & Revision June 18 to June 23, 2017 Tuition: $600 Workshop: 9am-12pm Discipline: Poetry OPEN TO ALL On-site Housing Available

Titles and endings are just plain difficult. Good ones often feel more like good luck rather than a spirited commingling of heart and head. How to revise without destroying the vision? How to explore where the poem wants to go and begin to follow those filaments? We will begin with poems you have already written and discuss a range of dynamic revision practices. We will also use generative writing prompts to explore new drafts and the processes to closure. Titles will spring from all of the above and add another dimension to the whole. Through these approaches to revision, a good poem can turn into a moving poem. A generative workshop with crafting skills.


Kimiko Hahn is the author of Foreign Bodies (W.W. Norton, March 2020), and nine other books of poems, including: Brain Fever (W.W. Norton, 2014) and Toxic Flora (W.W. Norton, 2010), both collections prompted by science; The Narrow Road to the Interior (W.W. Norton, 2006) a collection that takes its title from Basho’s famous poetic journal. Her essay "The Zuihitsu and the Toadstool" was published in the March/April issue of American Poetry Review.